Seduction And Dating  Gurus Summit 2012

How To Provoke A Woman into Liking You

Hey man, you know something? The Megan Fox lookalike that you bumped into last weekend has got some other men going after her too. The fact of life is that all women who are worth going for are also pursued by other men. So what else can you do? If you know these seduction tricks, then you will be able to compete with any guy who wants to butt into your territory, even if he's got the mug of Brad Pitt, as rich as as Donald Trump, or as well endowed as a horse...

Tips on how to Push A Girl into Loving You

Trick 1: Act Like You Are Interested. Bear in mind that if you would like to build rapport with a lady, you gotta make her make her keep talking about herself and her interests. The funny thing is the more she talks, the more rapport she feels for you. It's whack. Hence, always seem like you're enthusiastic about whatever topic she brings up, even if it's mind-numbing and boring.

Trick 2- Pull Back. The other men will all fall at the feet and worship her stinky toes. What you must do is to make her feel rejected - and make her feel that you're not into her. The trick here's to convey that that you are inaccessible to her - and if you can manage this, you will come across as truly Important to her - and simultaneously more alluring than all the other men combined.

Trick 3: Make Her Feel Mystified... And Keep It That Way. After you've successfully tried the strategies above, then she's just about ready to pounce on you to find out if you're into her or not. The key here is to keep her interested. If she becomes complacent and thinks you are too boring, then she won't feel magnetized by you. That is exactly how to get a girl to like you and love you immediately.

Maybe these strategies seem odd right now, but they totally work. There is a lot of such methods (or "hacks") which you've never learned before - just because the guys who have used them really would rather keep them for themselves so that they beat you at the game of seduction.